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A Success Story Worth Telling!!

SeaPac's Baytown Facility


Seapac began in the late 1980's. At that time we had minimal inventory and chose to start with a cobal system. Upon moving to Texas in 1992, our inventory grew 20 fold with more than 25,000 SKU's. Changes and growth created a need for a more sophisticated and efficient computer system that would address the specific needs of our chemical packaging and distribution business.

Our search for suitable, reliable application software proved to be long, frustrating, and discouraging in that there was nothing on the market for our particular type of business. Meanwhile, our original computer system was consistently failing. Out of desperation, we contracted with an outside programmer to custom design a system for us. After six months of failure on that system, we resumed our search for a system congruent with our business requirements.

We were bogged down with complaints from corporate headquarters, as well as untold numbers of customer complaints. Finally through the internet, we contacted what we believed to be a creditable company with lots of references. After viewing their system, a decision was made to proceed with their company. After four months of problems and system failures, we again sank into despair over our computer calamity, as our faith in computer programmers dwindled.

BUT, things begin to brighten up as a programmer introduced us to Infinite Systems. As we talked with their programmer, we realized that he, unlike all the other warehouse management system developers, understood exactly what we were doing, and why we wanted it done a certain way.

We initially hired him to "fix" the system that we already had. As he began to work with the system, he discovered and produced proof that the system was losing our data, making it necessary for us to do physical inventories every weekend.

Infinite Systems then made us an offer we couldn't refuse. They said they would write us a basic inventory system and have it ready for us in two weeks. And furthermore, there would be no charge until we were satisfied with it. After having already spent tens of thousands of dollars on other companies with only computer disaster to show for it, we felt we had nothing to lose.

The rest is a success story for Seapac and for Infinite Systems. We now have a fully developed WMS except for bar coding and real time controls, both of which are now in the developmental stages.

Currently, we have purchased copyrights from Infinite Systems for our WMS named "SEAWARE". We have installed it in 5 other locations around the country, as well as put our customers on line. "SEAWARE" not only tracks inventory with a "cradle to grave" mentality, but it also produces labor reports, work orders, railcar line-ups, history and archiving, report query, cost, and an action tracking mechanism that any accountant would be proud of. We have everything one would expect from a $300,000.00 system, and currently with up-dates, we have spent only 1/6th of the costs.

Infinite Systems along with THEOS has been the mainstay of our operation. We can communicate with them on our level not theirs. That is very important to us, because we don't understand bits and bytes, we know chemicals. They, on the other hand, understand the technical aspects of the computer system, AND they understand our operation and organization. They have proven themselves to be all they claim to be and more. We now have a smooth running company with a reliable computer system that saves us time and money. We believe in the integrity and excellent ability of Infinite Systems. They make their system fit our application, instead of us having to try and fit our business to their system.

Mark Kramer
Seapac Inc

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