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PackIT was developed to handle all computer needs of the chemical processing industry.
With PackIT, every facet of your company's computer needs are automated - from
product formulations to customer invoicing. PackIT's design provides for fast and
cost effective program and language modifications to provide for unique customer
needs. The automatic reporting system (ARS) provides a method to automatically
e-mail common reports at prescribed frequencies. Using this feature, the plant manager
may want an on hand inventory report e-mailed to him weekly. The shipping manager
could have a shipping report e-mailed to daily. This saves time
when dozens of
various reports are run.

Some of the benefits of PackIt include:

* Inventory tracking and control (provided for both customer-owned and company-
   owned material.

* Automatic invoice set-up of all processes via pricing information which is stored in
   electronic customer contract files .

* Full access to information about receiving, processing and shipping processes via
   PackIt's integrated e-mail and fax system .

* Remote access to system data via web browser (Many of our customers maintain
   remote offices which are thousands of miles from the central office.)

Infinite Systems is readily available to provide a full PackIt demonstration in your office.
Contact David Harrison at (800) 444-2818 to schedule your demonstration.