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  Install Remote Access Client Program

Installing the remote access client program requires the downloading and installation
of the client program and downloading the configuration file for the client. To begin,
select install cleint and choose "Run this program from its current location."
During the install process, choose the default selections for installation. When the
installation is complete, you will be asked to reboot your system. Choose No,
you will reboot after the next step. Now download the client configuration program
(Demo.tpf) and save it to disk in the folder c:/Program Files/Ast/THEOS Workstation/.

You can now run the client program and open the Demo.tpf that will connect you to the
PackIT Demo server. The security on this site has been minimized so the only login
that is required is the account PackIT with a password of Demo. Please call Infinite
Systems at 713-931-1182 or 713-931-1965 if you have questions or need assistance
installing and running the remote access program.


Install Client.

Download Configuration File.