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The foundation of the PackIt system is the relational database of master files. These files provide
the basis for error checking, lookup, and selection list entry for the operational programs of PackIT.

Master Database Files / Fields
Customer Destination Employee Processes
ID Code Destination ID Employee Number Process Code
Name Name Last Name Description
Address 1 Address 1 First Name Instructions 1
Address 2 Address 2 Initial Instructions 2
City, St Zip Address 3 City, St Zip Stretch Wrap
Phone Address 4 Address Trimsheets
FAX Address 5 CSZ: Banding
CSR Address 6 Phone Labels
Reserved FAX Position Samples
Reserved Phone Hire Date Units/Pallet
Reserved CSR Discharge Date Bags/1000#
Reserved Contact Rehire code Boxes/1000#
Reserved Note Hourly Cost Palletts/1000#
Taxable Last Raise Trimsheets/1000#
Tax ID Department BX Pallets/1000#
Terms Note Liners/1000#
Note Wrap(20")/1000#
*BOL Comments Wrap(20")/1000#
*BOL Billing From Railcar
*Customer Notebook *Multiple Ship to Addresses
*Contacts / e-mail / FAX *Notepad *Notepad



Tasks Locations Package




Type/SKU Task Code Location Code Packaging Code Process Code
Description Description Location Disc Quantity Description Description
Alternate type Pounds/Unit Amount
Customer Units/Pallet Dept
Family/Class Pounds/Pallet COA
Reorder Quan

Railcars FAX Directory e-mail Directory Product Vendors
Railcar ID Name Name Vendor Code:
Customer FAX Number e-mail address Name
Customer Order Note Note Address 1
Product Type Address 2
Product Phone
Weight FAX
Location Terms
Date Vendor Contact
Note e-mail

Formulation Master Formulation Detail Supply Vendors Supplies Master
Product ID Vendor ID Supply Code
Description Name Description
Product Class Address 1 Cutsomer
Component Address 2 Unit Weight
Description CSZip Vendor 1
Quantity Percent Phone Vendor 2
Raw Cost FAX Vendor 3
*Notebook Finished Cost Contact Vendor 4
Notes Vendor 5
Minimum Quan
Maximum Quan
Contract Amount