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                              Customer Remote Access



Infinite Systems is pleased to announce the implementation of an exciting new set of features for PackIT versions 4.x and 5.x that will significantly impact your operation. We have created solutions specifically to optimize the efficiency of your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). These features will allow your customers online access to multiple reporting functions such as inventory, transactions, receiving, processing, shipping, railcar, product, and shipping and processing order status. Additionally, processing and shipping orders may be submitted online to be confirmed and implemented by PackIT CSRs.

In order to utilize the new features, the PackIT system manager must set up an access password and account number for each customer. Then, using their account number and password, customers may access reports for their inventory using Internet Explorer ver 5.x or higher. Reports may be viewed on screen, faxed, or e-mailed. Online service gives customers access to their data 24-7, and greatly reduces the time CSRs spend servicing customer accounts.

To demo the Customer Remote Access, you need an account number and a password. Select the Password/Preferences link on the main page and enter:

     Account: 100009921
     Password: PackIT
     e-mail: your e-mail address
     FAX: not implemented on demo site