Infinite Systems
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Infinite Systems has been in business since 1982 providing a full range of computer solutions
and services for the business community. These services include software packages,
integrated system design, system analysis, consultation, system installation and
implementation, and system disaster data recovery. Additionally, we offer contract services
which may include on-site or off-site system management, system training, and ongoing
software support. We are determined to enable your organization to be the most effective it
can be by providing you with computer solutions that will optimize employee efficiency,
and produce desired results easily, capably, and skillfully. It is our goal to save you time and money, now and in the years ahead, with a system that is very powerful, yet easy to use.

Our systems have the capacity to grow and expand right along with your needs; so you don't
have to worry that you'll outgrow your system and have to start over again with a completely
new system. We'll be there for you for expansion, software enhancements, or system

There are several types of systems to choose from for your software application. While we
will evaluate your needs and make recommendations, the final decision of what type of
system you choose is up to you. Our primary interest is that the software application fully
meets the need of your organization, rather than trying to make your organization fit the application, and not really getting the desired results. We have a brochure that can offer
you assistance in choosing what type of system will be right for you.

If your organization is not computerized, or you do not feel your current system is meeting
your needs, give us a call to schedule a consultation for assistance in discovering what
your needs are, and how they can best be addressed in the most cost effective way.